Taji Marie is a California-grown chef who believes that a happy, healthy life starts with one simple mandate: trust your gut. Taji has relied on her instincts as a powerful guide both in and out of the kitchen, and hopes to empower others to do the same. She believes in making uncomplicated food that is seasonal, unexpected, and deeply satisfying.

For over a decade, Taji has been feeding Southern California via her co-owned catering company, The Simple Gourmet Kitchenwhere she provides world class athletes (LA Kings, LA Clippers and LA Galaxy) with nutritious meals. In 2013 she gained recognition for winning the Food Network’s TV competition, Chopped.

Taji is also the Consulting Chef for Grow, a neighborhood grocery store/deli with two Los Angeles locations, known for its commitment to California produce, non-GMO groceries and sustainable meats. She provides culinary expertise, menu/recipe development and management guidance to them and other small culinary businesses.

When Taji is not in the kitchen, she is writing, creating recipes and taking photos of food for her blog, Trust UR Gut. She also collaborates with other chefs and brands, providing food styling, writing and recipe development services.

On her days off she can be found at the beach, on a hiking trail or in her kitchen cooking for her wife and son.